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Top ten bedroom storage ideas

The art of keeping a small bedroom tidy, can overwhelm all of us at times. Regardless of your good intentions, if your room is what estate agents can refer to as ‘cosy’ then there are going to be times when your floor will look more like a jumble sale. If your possessions seem to be sneaking out, and taking over the space in your bedroom more and more often, then there are options.

  1. Have a freestanding PVC shoe caddy to keep each pair together and off the floor.
  2. Buy some storage drawers and customise them to fit in with your existing interior décor scheme. It’s a way to reduce your clothes storage, without using bulky furniture such as a chest of drawers.
  3. Use vertical bookshelves which are attached to the wall, to create more space
  4. Make the most of the space by using any area for hanging units, even the end of the bed. It’s only suitable for small items though.
  5. Make sure that furniture can double up in functions, such as having a storage unit double as a workspace. Something like a free standing cabinet is perfect for that.
  6. You can use a footstool as a night stand to make a little more room.
  7. If your back is up to it, use a chest of drawers as a makeshift bed, and simply put the bedding on top of it.
  8. Use a shelved caddy instead of a bedside table in order to keep things that are important to you close at hand.
  9. Hang your laundry basket on the back of your door, to replace a standing one which takes up quite a lot of room
  10. Install a tension rod in any alcoves and use them to store lightweight items such scarves or ties.


Mr Fry

About Us

Mr Fry is a family run fish and chip shop located in Strood in Kent, which is dedicated to delivering the best food we can possibly can. We never cook in hydrogenated fats, and make sure that it’s always less than 1% trans fat. At Mr Fry, all fish and most other items are cooked to order, so that the food is always very fresh, and meets the top level required by food safety guidelines.

Our passion for giving our customers an excellent service, has driven us to start our own online delivery scheme. Our customers can relax in their own homes, select whichever item off Mr Fry’s extensive freshly prepared menu, and then wait for the meal to be either delivered straight to their door, or ready to be collected. We offer the option of paying online, or by cash when receiving the food. Mr Fry offers free home delivery, no matter where the customer lives in our delivery area.


UN Certified Containers suitable for food

What is a UN Certified Container?

The UN keeps strict regulations over items passing across European borders, both in terms of the containers surrounding the item and what type of product is inside. They are determined to make sure that everyone within the European community, are safe.

Food containers

Anyone who is involved in the preparation and transportation of food and drink, such as caterers or even those that just brew beer at home need to feel confident that the containers are safe. They would not like the idea of their carefully produced food might be adversely affected by the plastic of the container.

The fact that the containers are intended for such important use, the plastic is created to a very high standard. Regardless of their intended use, whether the container is a bucket, a tub or other sizing, there is going to be far less recycled plastics involved in the construction. Harmful dyes, and any plasticiser chemicals will also be guaranteed to be kept out of the construction process of UN Certified containers, to avoid the risk that the foodstuffs inside might be infected.

There will never be any leakage when using the UN Certified Containers, and also there will be none of the unpleasant smell that can occur when using brand new plastic containers.

How can you tell if your container is UN certified?

It can be as simple as looking for a small triangle with a code number identifying what kind of plastic your container is made from. You will also see a fork symbol and that of a wine glass, which lets you know that the container is truly UN Certified as being safe for food and drink preparation and storage.

Warning about reusing containers

If you decide to use a food grade plastic container to store something that is non-edible, then you are strongly advised to continue storing items of a similar type. Don’t store paint, and then expect to be able to safely store food in the same container. 



Impact Sessions

West End Impact offer help to everyone that needs it, whether it’s food or advice that is needed the most


We at West End Impact know the importance of eating well is often lost when people are in difficulties, whether the difficulty people are going through is borne of economic, physical or mental reasons, or a combination of it all. Everyone deserves and needs a helping hand every so often, and that is what we give people.


We give people, nutritious meals and a warm place to come and socialise twice a week.


We offer breakfast, and a two course lunch on Thursdays and Sundays.

Breakfast is self service, with toast, tea, juice and coffee on offer. It is served from 10 am.


Lunch tends to be a hot main, and a dessert, both of which are delicious and very filling. It is served from 11.30 to 1pm. There are regular volunteers, who deliver the food, working hard to serve others but never losing their good humour.


It is through the kindness of our volunteers, and local businesses who donate food that we are able to feed on average thirty people a week in each sitting.



There is a drop in session open to all, where you can get help and advice on a range of different topics, which are important to the residents of the West End.

Each person who comes in seeking advice, is given the information in a one on one session. Each conversation is treated with strict confidentiality, and the person receiving the information is given the option of receiving further support. The team will phone and email the relevant departments on your behalf if that is what you need, or photocopy documents, and help with form filling. Each conversation is directed by you, the person needing help and advice, the volunteers take the cue from you.


Rachel offers advice about benefits, which is important to many people. It can be difficult to find enough time to discuss things with people in the job centre, and Rachel offers one on one time for anyone that needs it.


A recent addition to the team of volunteers offering advice is Clair.

Clair runs a period poverty bank, giving concrete support and knowledge on issues specific to women. She hands out tampons, sanitary towels and will help those suffering period related illnesses to deal with medical staff. She is very knowledgeable and approachable, and offers the service regularly as well as advising the West End Health Centre.

It is very important, and inspired one person to write a poem about their feelings

The Real People
In they come through the door, slopping their tea across the floor
but we don’t mind just mop it up, they can always go and refill their cups.

We give them food, information, advice, cos basically it’s nice to be nice.
At times it tests us and we ask ourselves, why?
But I’ve seen despair, we’ve seen them cry.

So on they go, we watch them leave, we hope they find peace, we have to believe.
Young and old, weak and feeble, we won’t stop doing this,
as they are real people.





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